Annabel (lee)

By the Sea… and Other Solitary Places

Annabel (lee)By the Sea… and Other Solitary Places
Annabel (lee) has a voice so smooth and hypnotic it grabs hold and doesn't let go. By the Sea… and Other Solitary Places is a collaborative piece of work with Further Out Recordings' Richard E; the New York vocalist and Yorkshire producer are an unlikely match, but together, they make music that conjures visions of the surreal.

(lee)'s admiration for English prose and poetry permeates the album and is clearly heard on "Alone," where her love of Poe's poetry — she's named his last completed poems — is most evident. The album highlights the charm of Annabel's vocals and Richard's impressive musical designs, which are steeped in jazz while mirroring 1800s classical compositions the album, which combine to deliver a hauntingly gorgeous landscape of sound. From the soft whispers of "I Will Lead Us," to the beautifully chilling "Breathe Us," to the jazz-influenced "(1849)," the album evokes a musical past being edged to the forefront of today's sounds. (Ninja Tune)
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