Anna Caragnano & Donato Dozzy


Anna Caragnano & Donato DozzySintetizzatrice
Spectrum Spools veteran Donato Dozzy — who re-imagined Bee Mask's Vaporware 12-inch as a blissed out series of starlit techno tracks a couple of years ago — has emerged with a new album of material composed solely with the voice of Rome-based singer Anna Caragnano. There is nary a synthetic morsel of sound to be found on Sintetizzatrice, as Dozzy layers, stretches, loops, tears apart and reassembles the output of Caragnano's exquisite pipes into grandiose tapestries. 
"Introduzione" finds the vocalist lost in a crowd of herself as if in a schizophrenic break from reality. Thankfully, the proceedings become more serene from hereon in, as the next four pieces are bathed in an ambient glow that allows them to drift along awash in beauty. "Parola" is the most Dozzy-like of the tunes offered, as Caragnano becomes the percussion, the bass and the lead vocalist in a strangely rhythmic and repetitive piece of music. This is continued with "Festa (A Mottola)," until "Love Without Sound" travels to a sweaty jazz club and outright weirdness overtakes "Conclusione." 
The moments of bliss found on Sintetizzatrice are certainly the album's strongest passages, yet Dozzy — in his quest to constantly explore — has offered up a clever mixture of the sublime and the outlandish. His is a name to look out for in the world of experimental electronics. (Spectrum Spools)
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