Animal Lover

Sherbrook Inn, Big Fun Festival, Winnipeg MB, January 30

Animal LoverSherbrook Inn, Big Fun Festival, Winnipeg MB, January 30
Photo: Kaitlyn Emslie Farrell
Not to be confused with Winnipeg's Animal Teeth (who are also playing Big Fun), noisy Minneapolis trio Animal Lover made the trek north to play two shows as part of the festival. Performing on one of the strongest bills of the weekend (it also featured the angst-filled Tunic and local heavyweights KEN Mode), the fiery three-piece were up for the challenge as they took control of night, winning over a bunch of new fans in the process.
Grounding their aggressive attack with thick bass tones that permeated the whole room, crashing drums that were punctuated with rapid fire snares and sharp, feedback-drenched guitar, Animal Lover offered up a heavy dose of post-punk immediacy. Using their time on stage to maximum effect, the group's unrelenting onslaught left you wanting more.
Anthony Augustine 
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