Animal Collective Unveil Overhauled 'Centipede Hz' Artwork, Detail Bonus DVD

Animal Collective Unveil Overhauled 'Centipede Hz' Artwork, Detail Bonus DVD
We hope that you didn't get too attached to Animal Collective's recently unveiled Centipede Hz album cover. Less than two weeks since the beloved experimental pop outfit revealed the artwork for their much-anticipated new long-player, they've already gone ahead and changed it.

That's the new artwork above. Compare it to the old one and you'll notice that while the massive lips and general aesthetic are similar, the computerized imagery and title have undergone some major changes. Overall, it's a little more colourful and less oppressive -- an improvement, in our books.

As we previously noted, the prior album cover generated some mixed reviews with its drugged-out and slightly amateur-looking graphics. We'll have to see if this one is received any better.

As Prefix points out, this updated art comes from graphic design company Seen Studio, which tweeted a link to buy the album directly from Domino. Designer Rob Carmichael wrote, "we tweaked the shizz out of the cover art you might have already seen."

If you pre-order a copy on CD, double LP or deluxe double-LP, you'll get a bonus DVD containing live video footage from a show at NYC's Prospect Park recorded in July 2011, DVD audio playback, WAV files of the record and HD video files. See the full contents here.