Animal Collective Put To Rest the Web Sheriff/Grizzly Bear/Leak Fiasco

Animal Collective Put To Rest the Web Sheriff/Grizzly Bear/Leak Fiasco
Not to inflame the whole Grizzly Bear/Animal Collective leak fiasco any further (see here and here), but the Animal Collective guys have now come out with their own comments on the subject. And despite this being such a "non-issue" to many people out there, we still thought it best we share these with you. After all, since we already covered the Web Sheriff's side of things, as well as Grizzly Bear's, the responsible, "tell the whole story" journalist in us demands it, even if that involves printing a lot of excessive bro-love and I'm sorrys.

So here we go, this is what AC's Avey Tare told State Magazine about Grizzly Bear sharing his band's new "Brothersport" track pre-release date.

State Magazine: What do you make of the whole album leakage scenario with Web Sheriff policing your album?

Avey Tare: "I obviously think it's a bummer for the fact that a magazine would leak one of our tracks or do that kind of thing because I feel like more often than not, we're so willing to comply with certain requirements that magazines have, doing things that are almost a little bit hard for us to organize like special photo shoots and stuff like that. It feels like you're kinda being taken advantage of when you put all this work into something and you're doing this for somebody else and they go behind your back almost and do that kind of thing. It doesn't bother me that's its out on the web."

Have you met Ed from Grizzly Bear? It was quite a silly situation he was in a few weeks back?

"I've met Ed a couple of times and he's a really nice guy. None of that stuff came from us personally."

But it is a representation of your band...

"Totally and to look like we have no idea what's going on is a little bit unfortunate. To attack people that just kind of enjoy the music. I think that's kind of a shame but at the same time, the [French] magazine was also reprimanded. Once it's out there there's not a lot you can do. I find it a little intense and almost tabloid-esque that it becomes so newsworthy at this point. I think that blogs or websites like Pitchfork have to take it to that level where it becomes this like they have nothing better to write about. I think it's a little unfortunate."

I see what you mean but a lot of it is just enthusiasm for your band...

"Also that too, you can't deny that. We're not getting down on anybody for liking the track and listening to it."

Do you personally have a say in the Web Sheriff process?

"I think we do a little bit. I think there's differing opinions. I think it's the responsibility of Domino as a label that has invested a lot in putting our records out. They feel like it is their responsibility to make it known that that kind of thing shouldn't be happening. How it is done is up in the air but it's up to them if they want to do that kind of thing and not up to us really. I think we are going to apologize to Ed and that crew just cos we feel badly that they were the ones that took the brunt of the whole thing."

All right, there you go. The nail's in the coffin and we're done. But come on, wasn't it even just a bit funny that Grizzly Bear got called something as extreme as a "global leak source" by someone parading as a so-called "Web Sheriff," not to mention a web sheriff who then scolded the band and forced them to put up this big, semi-amusing apology? No? Yes? Okay, whatever, now we're done for real.

Since it's out there anyway ... "Brothersport" (or is it "Brother Sport"?)