Animal Collective Planning "Visual Record"

Animal Collective Planning "Visual Record"
The release of Animal Collective's much-anticipated Merriweather Post Pavilion may be nearly two months away but already the band are talking about its follow-up. And not just any follow-up, but what they're calling a "visual record."

In an interview with Billboard, AC's Dave Portner (aka Avey Tare) said the group are in the midst of working on a film project for which they'll supply the soundtrack. "The lines were really blurry when we started," Portner said. "It was going to be a film, like a feature film, but by no means a narrative. It's more collaborative, between us and our friend Danny Perez, who did one of our music videos."

Portner says Perez, who did Animal Collective's "Who Could Win a Rabbit?" video, has been collecting visuals for the yet-untitled project for more than two years and that Animal Collective will soon begin working on the music. "This year, we got to a place where we can start doing demos and nailing all the sounds down while we're at home," Portner explains. "It's something new for all of us. It's been a work-as-we-go process."

However, Portner didn't give any indication of when we could expect to see a release. Let's just hope it doesn't take as long as that 3LP live box set, which AC began talking about way back in 2006 but have yet to deliver.

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