Animal Collective Finishing Up New "Visual" Record

Animal Collective Finishing Up New "Visual" Record
As the world collectively freaks out over Animal Collective's latest little masterpiece, Merriweather Post Pavilion, the band have already revealed that they're nearly done its follow-up.

In an interview with Exclaim!, the group's Dave Portner (aka Avey Tare) said the AC are heading back into the studio in February to finish what he's calls a "visual record," which at the latest would be out this summer. As previously reported, the film/soundtrack project is being made with the help of the band's friend Danny Perez, who did Animal Collective's "Who Could Win a Rabbit?" video, and will contain all-new AC recordings synched up to Perez's visuals.

"We're working on a film kind of thing. It's more of a visual record, or a visual film." Portner told Exclaim! "We were asked to do a tour documentary maybe two years ago by this company Plexifilm, but it wasn't something that interested us so much, and we're not really into people following us around with cameras and stuff like that. So we proposed to them that we'd do a weirder, sort of psychedelic film, kind of like Space Is the Place or more along those lines."

Portner went on to explain that this led to a two-year search for visuals, which Perez has been doing mostly on his own while Animal Collective came up with the concepts. He also added that while the band were recording Merriweather as a trio, they were at the same time recording the visual record with their recently absent band-mate Josh Dibb (aka Deakin), who Portner confirmed is still very much an Animal Collective member.

"We've also been working on the music for it for about a year now and it's meant to all link together," Portner said of the project. "It's been a long time coming because we want it to feel like one, big cohesive thing, not just a long music video or some narrative film with just us doing the soundtrack to it."

As far as what it all sounds like: "There are more song-y moments and more ambient-textures moments, but all kind of tied together."

In addition to the visual record, which Portner said will only be available on DVD, Animal Collective are finally finishing up their long-in-the-works 3LP live vinyl box set. "There have been some sound quality issues we needed to deal with, but it should come out by the middle of the year, I'm hoping," he said. "All the artwork is done and it looks sweet."

What's more, Portner said his AC band-mate Noah Lennox is "definitely thinking a lot about" a Panda Bear follow-up to his much-loved Person Pitch album. "He's definitely enthusiastic about doing more stuff when Animal Collective slows down," Portner said, but added that since everything is currently just in the "thinking stage," Lennox is unsure when a new Panda Bear record will arrive.

You can read Exclaim!'s entire interview with Animal Collective here.

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