Animal Collective Announce 'Live at 9:30' Concert LP

Animal Collective Announce 'Live at 9:30' Concert LP
While fans are still waiting for Animal Collective to issue their proper full-length follow up to Centipede Hz, the long-running experimental unit will please the faithful later this week when they issue a new live album. Recorded a couple of years back at Washington, DC's 9:30 Club, it arrives under a most fitting title: Live at 9:30.

A digital version of the 13-song set lands this Friday (September 4), but the collection will also be preserved as a triple-LP box set. Limited to 2,000 hand-numbered copies, the box finds each record housed in its own die cut sleeve and comes packaged along with a show poster for the concert.

Recorded June 12, 2013, the concert was the final show of a three-night stand at the Washington, DC venue, and finds Animal Collective performing catalogue cuts like "My Girls," "What Would I Want? Sky," "The Purple Bottle," "Peacebone" and more. According to the band's Geologist, playing 9:30 is special for the troupe.

"Growing up in Baltimore, we've been seeing shows at 9:30 for over 20 years, back to when the building was called WUST. First time was Pavement in 1994," he explained in a statement. "Always one of our favorite places to see shows, and always one of the most fun places to play a show. Unless the power goes out."

You can hear a live version of Feels number "Did You See the Words?" down below, where you'll also find the full tracklisting info for Live at 9:30. The box set can be ordered here.

Live at 9:30 is Animal Collective's first full-length live release since 2002's Hollinndagain, which compiled various live recordings from 2001.

Live at 9:30:

1. Amanita
2. Did You See the Words
3. Honeycomb
4. My Girls
5. Moonjock
6. New Town Burnout
7. I Think I Can
8. Pulleys
9. What Would I Want? Sky
10. Peacebone
11. Monkey Riches
12. Brothersport
13. The Purple Bottle