Animal Collective 'DJ Set - Los Angeles 5/31/14'

Animal Collective 'DJ Set - Los Angeles 5/31/14'
While Animal Collective have pumped the brakes on promoting 2012's Centipede Hz, three-quarters of the group are keeping the brand name alive for an upcoming U.S. DJ tour. Ahead of the trip, Avey Tare, Deakin and the Geologist have prepped an eclectic playlist they delivered to a Los Angeles crowd last May.

The hour-long mix threads together Turkish artist Cem Karaca's "Uryan Geldim," Can member Holger Czukay's funkified "Cool in the Pool" and a Bee Gees/Daft Punk mashup, while also showcasing their own "Summertime Clothes," as reenvisioned by Dam Funk, and a Tare solo track.

You'll find the mix and the tour dates down below.

Tour dates:

08/02 Miami, FL - Grand Central $
09/10 Philadelphia, PA - The Dolphin ^

09/12 Brooklyn, NY - Brooklyn Bowl ^
10/02 Philadelphia, PA - The Dolphin %
10/03 Brooklyn, NY - Brooklyn Bowl %
10/05 Washington, DC - U Street Music Hall %
11/12 Washington, DC - U Street Music Hall %
11/13 Philadelphia, PA - The Dolphin %
11/14 Brooklyn, NY - Brooklyn Bowl %  

$ Deakin and Avey Tare
^ Geologist and Deakin
% Geologist, Deakin, and Avey Tare

Animal Collective DJ Set - Los Angeles 5/31/14 by Animal Collective Radio on Mixcloud