Animal Collective "FloriDada" (video)

Animal Collective "FloriDada" (video)
Given that the song's title blends the bright, sunshine-y snowbird capital of the world with an abstract art movement, it's not really surprising that Animal Collective's new video for "FloriDada" is a hot mess of trippy visuals.
The rainbow bright, digitally animated clip opens with features a couple of CGI people that look like the lovechild of Sims and lava lamps getting it on in a computerized tropical paradise.
In addition to the aforementioned couple making babies that will haunt your technicolour dreams, there are also shots of Florida drifting off a map, planets colliding and enough kaleidoscopic swirls and flashing lights to warrant a seizure warning.

Watch it at your own risk in the player below.

"FloriDada" appears on Animal Collective's upcoming album Painting With, which is due out on February 19 through Domino.