Angels & Airwaves We Don't Have To Whisper

Imagine a world where U2 never achieved the monumental popularity they currently enjoy. Where The Joshua Tree is a record lost in Trout Mask Replica-like cult obscurity. This is probably the world that former Blink-182 guitarist Tom DeLonge actually lives in. One can easily imagine an ecstatic DeLonge discovering a box of U2 albums, honestly believing that no one has ever heard them, and then clumsily attempting to recreate them with his new musical endeavour, the unbelievably hilarious Angels & Airwaves. Lifting the opening guitar riff from "Where the Street Have No Name” in every single song, We Don’t Have To Whisper is a laugh-out-loud car crash of an album, made all the more funny by DeLonge’s earnest belief that he has created a work of undisputed musical genius. When being quoted as saying that you’re writing "the best music made in decades,” you’re probably insane, and when you put out a record like this, you’re just sad. (Universal)