Angel Haze "No Bueno" (NSFW video)

Angel Haze 'No Bueno' (NSFW video)
Angel Haze has dropped a NSFW audition-styled video for her new single "No Bueno," but damned if we know who the rapper is, as the clip has a million peeps of all shapes and sizes claiming to be "the real Angel Haze."

Is it the foul-mouthed old guy in sunglasses demanding we bite his clit? The punky topless gal spanking a dude rocking a ball gag? The long-haired skate rat, or the hipster girl wearing granny glasses? It's impossible to tell, unless, of course, you've already peeped this live version.

The fun, occasionally naughty audition clip was yanked from YouTube over some nudity issues, but you can stream it in all of its NSFW glory down below via World Star Hip Hop.

As previously reported, "No Bueno" will appear on Haze's major label debut Dirty Gold, which will apparently arrive later this year on Universal Republic.