Angel City Outcasts Deadrose Junction

A sweet mixture of Southern California glam rock leads, gritty Texas vocal attitude and East coast hardcore testosterone, Deadrose Junction truly does come eerily close to blurring the line between anthemic street punk and balls-out rock’n’roll in the vein of Silver or Backyard Babies. However, where said company spends equal time looking the part as sounding it, Angel City Outcasts are quite content to just fire off riff after searing hot riff, image be damned. Wanky fills whip in and out of staunchly guttural rhythms in a Turbonegro fashion (as influenced by Peter Pan Speedrock) yet with the lush backgrounds and difficult-to-pin melodies. It defines the band as having a deeper adoration for fucking with their craft and influences the entirety of the effort. It’s also one of few cases where the overdone Rat Fink ’50s dragster imagery would probably be right at home as perfect visual compliment to the band’s primal drive… yet they’re too smart to pin themselves down so readily. (Rough Trade/EMI)