Andy White Garageband

Although many people's first exposure to Andy White came via his ALT collaboration with Tin Finn and Liam O'Maonlai, he's been recording albums since the mid-'80s. Garageband, his ninth studio album, was originally released in the UK back in 2006, and it finds White using the Apple software of the same name to record, sounding like he was experimenting with a new way of working. That means it doesn't always sound like a typical Andy White album, and that isn't necessarily a good thing. The first few songs have a heavy-handed production with lots of layers of backing vocals and other little things that sound out of place and somewhat jarring. Thankfully he does appear to get bored with playing around with his new toy and, for better or worse, Garageband reverts to business as usual. White is a talented lyricist and is at his best when he's singing the gentler songs, suggesting that his days of political protest are behind him. (Wildflower)