Andrew WK Joins Nardwuar At Mint Records' Xmas Party

Andrew WK Joins Nardwuar At Mint Records' Xmas Party
When it comes to Mint Records' Christmas parties, you never know what Nardwuar is going to pull out of his little bag of tricks, this year's bash being no exception. At the label's Ridiculously Early Xmas Party in Vancouver Friday (December 5), the Human Serviette whipped the audience into shock and confusion when NYC rocker Andrew WK made a surprise appearance midway through Nardwuar's Evaporators' set.

With a shrieking introduction courtesy of the Human Serviette, the celeb guest star helped the Evaporators launch into their track "I Don't Need My Friends to Tell Me Who My Friends Are," followed by the band and WK doing his "Party Hard," "Ready to Die" and "She is Beautiful," plus a cover of Leather Uppers' "Don't Sell Hot Dogs Tonight." And by the looks of the YouTube vid below, the whole thing got the crowd more than a little pumped.

Narduwar eventually took a breather during the performance to shed a little light on WK's appearance, telling the crowd the New Yorker was in Vancouver recording a new split seven-inch with the Evaporators.

For the release, WK recorded both the Uppers "Don't Sell Hot Dogs Tonight" and another Canuck punk staple, "Oh Canaduh" by the Subhumans, whose front-man Wimpy Roy also played the song Friday alongside Nardwuar, WK and the Evaporators. And if that wasn't enough, VanCity punkers Randy Rampage (D.O.A) and Jon Card (D.O.A/Personality Crisis) took the stage as well, with the teeming mass of musicians all doing the Subhumans classic "Fuck You."

The night of many surprises followed a similar event at 2006's Mint Xmas party, when Alex Kapranos of Franz Ferdinand made an appearance and played the Franz hit "Take Me Out" beside Nardwuar and his Evaporators.

As far as that split Evaporators/Andrew WK seven-inch goes, Narduwar tells Exclaim! it's due out sometime early next year and will come boasting the title Wild Pear.

In a statement from WK, he says: "I've been a fan of Nardwuar since I first saw him on bootleg VHS copies of his Cable Access TV shows. Then I found out about the Evaporators, and I was even more blown away. I consider this release to be the result of a magical circle, one that started for me back in high school while living in southeast Michigan. Having the opportunity to meet Nardwuar was a dream come true and the first time the circle connected. Getting to make this record with him is the circle coming together another time, and I'm very grateful. Out of respect for dreams coming true, I dedicate my contributions on this seven-inch to Canada, Nardwuar and my wife, Cherie Lily."

Now, for a bit of video documentation of Friday night's events...