Andrew W.K. "I Was Born to Love You" (Freddie Mercury cover)

Andrew W.K. 'I Was Born to Love You' (Freddie Mercury cover)
Beloved party messiah Andrew W.K. has a knack for writing fist-pumping anthems that would work as the soundtrack to both an '80s beer commercial or a 2020 frat party. It's that timeless quality that finds him fans in rocker dads and alcoholic college students alike. It's fitting, then, that he's just dropped a cover of the iconic Freddie Mercury piano rocker "I Was Born to Love You."

As expected, the track is heavy on huge piano hits, triumphant synths, chugging guitars and W.K.'s soaring vocals. All in all, it's another visitation of W.K.'s enduring formula, but it's still making us want to shotgun a beer and have a tailgate party, so we're not complaining.

 Stream "I Was Born to Love You" below or download the track here.