Andrew Walker Floating Shift

As a rising figure on the Toronto scene, Walker has assembled a strong supporting cast for this fine effort, one that — if there’s any justice — should propel him to the forefront of the Canadian roots/pop scene. It’s hard to go wrong with musicians like guitarist Colin Cripps, pedal steel maestro Kim Deschamps, drummer Gavin Brown and even frequent Neil Young/Bob Dylan bassist Tim Drummond on board, but their work is only a complement to Walker’s collection of tunes. In the classic CanRock tradition, Walker’s twang seems inherent and his pop side seems to struggle against it. But it’s that struggle that produces standout tracks like "Charity” and "The Fence.” "Slow Turn Around” and "Seven Years” also attest that Walker is confident stepping out on his own. In all, Floating Shift is a more than confident opening statement from an artist to take note of in the coming year. (Heise Hill)