Andrew Thomas Between Buildings And Trees

Production designer, composer and father Andrew Thomas comes out with his second full-length release, Between Buildings And Trees, on Kompakt. Andrew has been a staple of Kompakt since 2003, from his first mini-album, Fearsome Jewel, to his stunning Pop Ambient contributions. When he's not raising his two kids, he's composing award-winning music for film and theatre. Influenced by New Zealand's landscape, Andrew delicately assembles shimmering organic ambience with melodic piano soundscapes using old analogue cassette and digital recordings. "Light On Sea (From Above The World So High)" is an expansive, drifting, euphoric track with repetitive piano cords that allude to a progression through space. "Hazer" is a subtle, dreamlike composition that allows you to float and hang on to each tone. "Net To Catch A Ghost" slowly tinkers and drifts, using melodic piano loops and soft static shimmers. Just like the title implies, Thomas manages to evoke intimate contemplative moments in space, found only when you slow down to listen. Between Buildings And Trees is essential for fans of Fennesz and Gas. (Kompakt)