Andrew Hewitt's Score for the 'The Double' Gets Soundtrack Release

Andrew Hewitt's Score for the 'The Double' Gets Soundtrack Release
The Jesse Eisenberg-starring film The Double first premiered at festivals last year, but with director Richard Ayoade's flick getting a wider releaser in 2014, the score by Andrew Hewitt is also now headed our way.

The Double's soundtrack will be out on May 6 through Milan Records, just a for days before Magnolia Pictures releases the film in theatres on May 9.

The darkly comedic film centres around Eisenberg, a meek office clerk with an unrequited crush on a co-worker (played by Mia Wasikowska). He meets his exact physical double, and the doppelgänger begins taking over his life.

This plot is apparently reflected in Hewitt's score. According to a press release, "Andrew Hewitt's orchestral, chamber and electronic score blends score and sound design elements, using sources from the film's diegetic world, confusing the boundary between James's real and imagined worlds, plus the instrumental repetitions and fractures of the American minimalist style, to embroil the listener in the intense emotional experience that occupies James." Some of the film was cut to fit perfectly with the music.

In addition to Hewitt's original music, the soundtrack includes songs by Kyu Sakamoto, Danny & the Islanders, Jacky Yoshikawa & His Blue Comets and Kim Jung Mi. See the tracklist below.

Hewitt has frequently worked with Ayoade, having scored 2010's Submarine, plus the TV shows Garth Marenghi's Darkplace and Man to Man with Dean Learner.

The Double:

1. Kyu Sakamoto - "Sukiyaki"
2. Andrew Hewitt - "The Double Theme - Version 1"
3. Andrew Hewitt - "Mr Papadopoulos"
4. Andrew Hewitt - "Watching Hannah"
5. Danny & the Islanders - "East Virginia"
6. Andrew Hewitt - "You're Not Meant to Be Here"
7. Jacky Yoshikawa & His Blue Comets - "Splendour in the Grass"
8. Andrew Hewitt - "Simon and James"
9. Andrew Hewitt - "The Switch - Part 1"
10. Andrew Hewitt - "The Switch - Part 2"
11. Jacky Yoshikawa & His Blue Comets - "Blue Chateau"
12. Andrew Hewitt - "I Am a Ghost"
13. Andrew Hewitt - "Hannah"
14. Andrew Hewitt - "A Boy Held Up by String"
15. Andrew Hewitt - "The Double Theme - Version 2"
16. Andrew Hewitt - "Simon in the Ambulance"
17. Kim Jung Mi - "The Sun"
18. Andrew Hewitt - "The Replicator - Opening Titles" (bonus track)
19. Andrew Hewitt - "ColLoc Commercial" (bonus track)
20. Andrew Hewitt - "Melanie's Computer Game" (bonus track)
21. Andrew Hewitt - "The Replicator - Underscore" (bonus track)
22. Andrew Hewitt - "The Replicator - Love Theme" (bonus track)
23. Andrew Hewitt - "The Game Show" (bonus track)
24. Andrew Hewitt - "The Two Dancing Girls" (bonus track)