Andreas Tilliander LJUD

Tilliander has composed an album that fits into the Mille Plateux click-dub pattern, yet with a strong melodic sensibility that retains a grooving vitality and richness evident in the way it functions as dance music. The most appealing qualities of LJUD are the vestiges of deep nocturnal house that linger on these tracks, tempered by inverted beats and dub echoes. There is also an aloof quality in the album, removed in the way one might be listening to good house music from outside a club or event, evoking the desire to jump into the fray. The music is seductive, sometimes lapsing into a 4/4 beat and sometimes starting off deceptively simple to then get rhythmically complex, swinging between the experimental and familiar. Conversely this album is abstract, yet just giving enough of the familiar to draw you into less familiar territories. (Mille Plateaux)