Prehistoric Bird Named After Bad Religion's Greg Graffin

Prehistoric Bird Named After Bad Religion's Greg Graffin
As the singer and songwriter of the long-running Bad Religion, Greg Graffin has earned his share of accolades. Not only is his group considered a classic punk act, but he has earned a PhD, been a university lecturer and received an "Outstanding Lifetime Achievement Award in Cultural Humanism" from the Harvard Secular Society. His latest honour, however, is perhaps the most awesome of all: he's had a prehistoric bird named after him.

The bird fossils were found by a team of paleontologists working in China's Gansu province. The scientists announced the discovery in the Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society, and Dr. Jingmai O'Connor explained, "The species name is in honour of Dr. Gregory Graffin, PhD: paleontologist, evolutionary biologist, professor, rock star, and inspiration to numerous budding and established scientists around the world."

In a press release, Graffin responded, "I am so happy that they have given me the privilege of having an important fossil bird named in my honour. My love of birds now must pass to the Cretaceous and the wonderful finds from China that [the authors] are elucidating."

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That's not the only piece of scientific news from Graffin. The singer will be teaching a class on evolution at Cornell University this fall. This is the first of three years that he will spend teaching this class. He said, "I only have to lecture on Tuesdays and Thursdays. That leaves plenty of time to head overseas on the weekends!"

So be sure to look out for Graffin on the road. And if you happen to live in NYC, look out for the punk rocker walking around campus.