Anal Cunt Unveil Double-Disc Retrospective Comp

Anal Cunt Unveil Double-Disc Retrospective Comp
Earlier this year, Seth Putnam, the frontman for notorious grindcore group Anal Cunt, passed away at the age of 43. Now, the remaining members of the group will revisit their earlier years with a posthumous compilation.

The double-disc set is called The Old Testament and collects much of the group's early material, including the infamous 5,643 EP and Anal Cunt songs that appeared on split releases. There's also the group's first demo from April of 1988 and their last session in 1991. To cap it off, the release comes with extensive liner notes from Putnam written shortly before his death along with an epilogue from drummer Tim Morse.

In an interview from June of this year, Putnam discussed the collection with the following statement:

The recordings from 1988 to 1991 represent the older A.C. sound. When the band started, the goal was to be the fastest, noisiest band around and to have absolutely no trace of musicality at all - no lyrics, no song titles, no music written for the songs…. Over time, some musical parts were added here and there. The original A.C. influenced countless other bands, and was the only band [of its kind] that actually toured and played out regularly.

The Old Testament will be available on November 22 via Relapse Records.