Anal Beard We, the Dreg 1997-2001 Variety Gala

We, the Dreg is the most obscure, annoying, and hilarious release of 2003. It’s almost as if Happy Flowers got together with Wat Tyler, Wesley Willis, Art Fag, Old Skull, and Thee Headcoats to compile a monstrosity of absurdity. First of all, who the hell would call themselves Anal Beard? Secondly, how many singles between 1997-2001 could a band consisting of a disgruntled hospital radio disc jockey, a mildly successful fashion designer, and a disgusting derelict produce? Reading like an episode title to The Young Ones, song names include: "Drugs are Clever,” "Mayhem Cup of Gin,” "White Trash Blues-Peroxide Mullet,” "I, Sexually Weird,” "Fucking Cat,” "Bus Pass,” "Phoning in Pestilent,” and "My Name is Bungle, I Like Big Fun.” Anal Beard are probably best taken with tabs of LSD rather than serious contemplation. And even though they remain a musical anomaly, gratitude is in order for their artistic existence and the balls to go out on a limb to release this absolute madness. (Boss Tuneage)