Amy Winehouse Frank (Deluxe Edition)

In the absence of any reliable timetable for a third Winehouse LP, the troubled singer’s label has resorted to mining her nominally released recording catalogue in the hopes of digging up a few more golden moments during the indefinite wait. This scatter-shot, two-disc deluxe edition of her striking debut set culls together choice live cuts (familiar to savvy internauts), tough broken-beat and two-step remixes, b-sides and early demos. It’s this latter addition that holds the majority of the record’s most valued weight, particularly a classy, on-point rendition of the Gershwin classic "Someone To Watch Over Me,” which showcases Amy’s genuine jazz pedigree. Winehouse restrains her penchant for over-singing live just long enough to turn in a meaty, memorable performance of the funky "Mr. Magic,” while the stark and desperate "What It Is” snares with a maturity far beyond her then 20 years. It’s a worthy piece to consider for those still sleeping on Frank. (Universal)