Amy Bronson I'm Allergic To This Deoderant

The debut album from folk singer Amy Bronson tells the story of her life… maybe. Bits of first-person narrative throughout the spoken-sung delivery of these text-heavy songs about love, politics, the zoo and laundry give us glimpses into a persona that is at once fiercely intelligent and pervasively odd, telling a story in bits and pieces that may be true, or may be just a grand metaphor for something we can’t quite grasp. Repeated listening bring out particular moments of wry humour (like the pseudo-chorus in "Montreal Song”: "It’s never been one of my ambitions to run a butter churn/I prefer to eat vegan anyway”). Moments of poetry ("We inhale, we exhale, we say oh take off, just set sail and inside our smoky chests we hide our tender warrior hearts”) give way to strict literalness — "The Nitrogen Cycle Song” is a description of the movement of nitrogen molecules through the environment. Witty repartee and biology study guide — what more could we ask for? (Independent)