Amps for Christ Announce First Album in 8 Years 'Canyons Cars and Crows'

Amps for Christ Announce First Album in 8 Years 'Canyons Cars and Crows'
It's been close to eight years since Henry Barnes's experimental folk project Amps for Christ issued Every Eleven Seconds, but the long wait for a follow-up album is almost over. The outfit's next full-length, Canyons Cars and Crows, arrives April 15 through Shrimper.

While the project, steered by Barnes (Man Is the Bastard, Bastard Noise), delivered few split efforts in recent years (including one with Woods), this upcoming full-length is described as a "proper resurrection for Amps for Christ." The album was recorded at Equation Road studio in Pomona, CA, and it apparently finds Amps for Christ traversing "familiar territories" with a blend of Appalachian folk, hardcore, guitar noise and more.

It's unclear at present whether the album was tracked solo by Barnes, or if he's brought in a cast of collaborators.

A tracklisting for the platter has yet to arrive, but the song cycle is said to furthermore flirt with anything from "ragas and Basho folk to dirges and jigs." The mood of Canyons Cars and Crows is described as "dire but hopeful," with the LP apparently analyzing "man's relationship to nature."

A tour is expected to be announced behind Canyons Cars and Crows, but the show specifics will be unveiled at a later date.