Amos The Transparent 'The Cold Escape' (album stream)

Amos The Transparent 'The Cold Escape' (album stream)
Hailing from the nation's capital, Ottawa-based indie rock outfit Amos the Transparent are set to return with their new record This Cold Escape next week, but you can listen to it first, right here on

The LP follows up Goodnight, My Dear… I'm Falling Apart, and according to a recent press release, "represents a loftier vision for the next chapter of the group's career collectively and individually."

The band hit the studio last September to begin work on the album, which explores themes of isolation and love. A concept album, This Cold Escape "tells the story of a man's desire to distance himself from the world he's crafted for himself in order to stay close to those he loves."

The record opens with the quiet folk number "Out the Window" before the groovy, retro keyboards kick in on "Big City Lights" and the indie rock vibes emerge. There's a contrast between songs about the big city ("Big City Lights," "City of Ghosts") and the natural world ("The Burin Peninsula," "Out to Sea"), with dark themes of mortality scattered throughout. It all comes together on the sweet closing track, "Build a Home" which embraces the notion of making the most of what you've got and loving the ones you have.

This Cold Escape comes out on October 7, but you can listen to it in its entirety right now in the player below.