Amon Tobin Returns to Two Fingers Project for 'Stunt Rhythms' LP

Amon Tobin Returns to Two Fingers Project for 'Stunt Rhythms' LP
Montreal-based/Brazil-born producer Amon Tobin is one of the most exciting figures in electronic music, so it comes as good news that he will be rejoining Joe "Doubleclick" Chapman for a new full-length from their Two Fingers project. Entitled Stunt Rhythms, it will be out in North America on vinyl September 4 and on CD October 2 through Big Dada.

A press release notes that the album is "about beats and bass." Despite the prominent low end, this is not dubstep, but rather Tobin's "love letter to hip-hop." The producer reportedly takes inspiration from "classic hip-hop" and distances himself of the "rampant consumerism" of modern rap.

The style was modelled after the previously released track "Fools Rhythm," which is included here.

The danceable new single "101 South" is available from the widget below. Neither this nor "Fools Rhythm" (also below) include any of the rapping that was featured on the project's 2009 self-titled debut. That means that these particular tracks have more in common with the subsequent Instrumentals.

Surprisingly, the press release makes no mention of Two Fingers' other member, Joe "Doubleclick" Chapman, so it's unclear where he is still a full collaborator in the project.