Amon Tobin and Joe Chapman Prep Two Fingers Debut

Amon Tobin and Joe Chapman Prep Two Fingers Debut
For Amon Tobin and Joe "Doubleclick" Chapman, 2009 will be a year of collaboration, with the two electronic producers joining forces under new moniker Two Fingers. And, surprise, surprise, the newly formed super-duo already have an album in the bag and ready to share with the masses.

Via Paper Bag, Two Fingers will release their self-titled debut LP on April 14, when the pair will conjure up "an urban snapshot of the future filtered through a hi-tech lens," says the press release. Sticking close to the drum & bass and hip-hop seen in their solo work, Tobin and Chapman also enlisted Sway to take part in the project and recorded seven tracks with the London, UK-based MC, as well as a few others with Ms. Jade and dancehall artist Cecile at the mic.

And while waiting for the thaw of spring to hear the album may seem like quite the wait, Two Fingers have dropped a little taste of what's to come via the new digital single "What You Know," which came out Tuesday (January 13) and is now available at Paper Bag's webshop.

Here's the tacklisting for the full-length, as well as that of the "What You Know" single:

Two Fingers:

1. "Straw Men"
2. "What You Know"
3. "Better Get That"
4. "Two Fingers"
5. "That Girl"
6. "Keman Rhythm"
7. "Jewels And Gems"
8. "Bad Girl"
9. "High Life"
10. "Doing My Job"
11. "Not Perfect"
12. "Moth Rhythm"

"What You Know" :

1. "What You Know" (feat. Sway)
2. "What You Know" (feat. Sway) [Emalkay Remix]
3. "What You Know" (Instrumental)
4. "What You Know" (Emalkay Remix Instrumental)

Two Fingers "Straw Men"