Ammoye & Rise Ashen Haffi Win

Electronic music has always been a blend of genres: Krautrock, plus funk, equals techno; drum & bass, plus ambient, equals IDM; dub, plus two-step, equals dubstep. So it's no surprise when 21st century artists like Ammoye and Rise Ashen come onto the scene, crafting music that pulls from so many worldly sounds. Haffi Win (the first collaboration between Clarendon, Jamaica reggae chanteuse Ammoye and Ottawa, ON DJ Rise Ashen) shows the duo perusing dance genres like records through a milk crate. On songs like "Coming Up" and the title track, Ammoye busts out melodies that come off confident and gallant while Rise Ashen stylishly keeps his beats controlled and high-concept. "New Recipe" slinks in a breathy-funky way that wouldn't sound out of place on a Rihanna album, while "So Good" comes off all low-end, chop shop hip-hop. Although so much ground is covered on Haffi Win, Ammoye and Rise Ashen posses the wherewithal to know their core audience, backpacks and all. (Balanced)