Aminé Good For You

AminéGood For You
Fresh, vibrant and brimming with summer warmth, Aminé's studio debut turns his favourite colour yellow into sound. Expanding on last year's breakout single "Caroline," Good For You features bright production, snappy wordplay and easy, unembellished vocals that make for a deceptively light listen the first time around. But, much like his politically charged remix of "Caroline" for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, there's more to Good For You — and the artist himself — than initially meets the ear.
Aminé confronts gentrification and gives a voice to the outcasts on "Turf," a love/hate letter to his increasingly homogeneous hometown of Portland, Oregon. "Money" takes sharp, sober jabs at capitalism over smooth, slightly darker production. He explores his complex relationships — with his family, religion and his emotions — on the layered and vulnerable "Sundays." And despite the eclectic list of guest features (Ty Dolla $ign and Gap Band legend Charlie Wilson among them), Aminé commands your full attention throughout the project.
A few of the songs cross the line from fun to boy band cutesy (the tinny keys on "Beach Boy" become a bit of a drag after a few listens) but overall, there's enough substance and wit here to keep the album from being flighty. Even in its weighty moments, the simple melodies, infectious hooks and liberal dashes of humour will keep your spirits up from start to finish. Good For You is a satisfying, well-rounded effort. (CLBN/Republic)