American Me Heat

They really weren’t kidding around with this album title. This is some scorching, furious mosh, with a guitar tone weaker acts would trade their recording budget for and a convincingly bitter, sociopathic atmosphere. Expect nothing but bone crushing two-step runs and some of the heaviest breakdowns this side of the Acacia Strain. Kids will flail to this frantically, beyond a shadow of a doubt. Fortunately, Heat also features a sludgy, rough-around-the-edges mix that emphasises the group’s dynamics, keeping it from sounding too monotonous and grating. Aptly nicknamed vocalist Tony Mosh’s raw, appropriate one-tone roar is an asset as well, contributing to the utter lack of polish and accessibility displayed here. While the argument could be made that this kind of thing has been played into the ground, there’s no denying the raw hostility and impact of American Me, so those not burned out on the ol’ chug-a-lug should prepare for an onslaught. (Output)