Amen Dunes Announce 'Cowboy Worship' EP

Amen Dunes Announce 'Cowboy Worship' EP
New York group Amen Dunes released their latest album Love earlier this year. The release took a year and a half to create, and was recorded in five different studios with 16 musicians. Understandably, there was some leftover material, which will now be shared on a new EP.

Called Cowboy Worship, the new release features six songs that didn't make the cut on Love. These include "Green Eyes," which features Stephen Tanner of Harvey Milk, and a full band version of Amen Dunes' Through Donkey Jaw standout "Lezzy Head," among others.

Most notably, the band covered This Mortal Coil's version of Tim Buckley's "Song to the Siren." In a press release, the band's Damon McMahon said this cover perfectly encapsulates what he's trying to do with Amen Dunes.

"This track in particular, a This Mortal Coil cover of a Tim Buckley cover, is a perfect metaphor for Amen Dunes," he said. "Tim Buckley heart within a This Mortal Coil body, which could be substituted with a Bob Dylan heart within a Throbbing Gristle body, or any similar pairing, inverted, reversed or flipped, any which way. Solid Ying Yang."

Listen to Amen Dunes' version of "Song to the Siren" below. The Cowboy Love EP will arrive on January 20 via Sacred Bones.

Cowboy Worship:

1. I Know Myself (Montreal)
2. Song to the Siren
3.  I Can't Dig It (China Street Blues)
4. Green Eyes (Music Blues)
5. Lezzy Head (Burial)
6. Love (Montreal)