Amebix Arise!

Alternative Tentacles continues their hardcore history course with a lesson on the "originators of punk-metal crust," Amebix. Chances are that you've heard of them, or at the very least been asked for spare change by a crusty punk sporting one of their patches. This was mostly recorded in 1985 and you can hear the influence it has on bands like Neurosis and even the Melvins. Before you run out and buy it, be forewarned that it's more of an acquired taste than something you'll love on the first or second listen. In some of the slower parts they inadvertently venture into Spinal Tap territory, with lyrics like: "Lock up your children, the axeman is coming." The booklet contains more great lyrics and extensive liner notes from former Septic Death front-man and artist extraordinaire Pushead. (Alternative Tentacles)