Ambulance Ltd Ambulance Ltd

Ambulance Ltd are one of those bands who are very likely to get overlooked in the wealth of other new bands emerging who share many similar characteristics. And while mentioning that the band hail from NYC might initiate those inevitable comparisons to the likes of the Strokes, it would be much more sensible to root through their record collection to check for the Velvet Underground. There’s no doubt that Lou Reed and his comrades had a great deal of influence on Ambulance Ltd, but they’ve also been listening to Big Star and even Ride, resulting in guitars that shift between melodic to noisy and back again. Unfortunately they can’t sustain their momentum, even over a five-track EP that has a couple of much weaker songs. Still, there is a spark of inspiration on show, so I’m just going to sit on the fence until their debut album appears later in the year. (TVT)