Amazing Device The Quiet Room

I am a vocally-inclined listener. I can forgive a lot of things if they fall behind a stellar voice. And the debut full-length CD, The Quiet Room, from New York City’s Amazing Device is designed for me. The album launches with the record’s strongest track, "Secret,” with a memorable guitar riff that lingers in haunting repetition. Vocalist Aaron Wilson is aided by Lost Prophets lead vocalist Ian Watkins giving it a layered, rich vocal sound. A mix that slightly favours the front-man doesn’t hurt the outcome of the tune either. The track is so impressive up front that you don’t even notice the inefficiencies in the rest of the band. But by the fifth track, "Speak Up,” Wilson can no longer hold the band up. Drummer Colin Schiller seems unable in the area of beat changes. He is always slightly off. Once you notice that, you can’t help but also be aware of the simplicity of guitarist Josh Chapman. Shame really because Wilson sounds good. Raw and fresh. (Tribunal)