Amara Touré


Amara Touré1973-1980
After spending most of the '60s reinventing and revitalizing Senegalese music with his group Le Star Band de Dakar, Amara Touré set his sights on the entirety of Africa, becoming one of the continent's most revered musicians by 1980. After completely disappearing by the '90s, the Analog Africa label collects some of Touré's last recordings, releasing it as 1973-1980. The collection's first six tracks are straight remasters of singles released between 1973 and 1976, capturing Touré's heavy Cuban influence, as he mimics the waltz-like rhythms of Son Cubano and merengue music, while adding African call-and-response vocals and raw, kinetic brass.
The final four tracks reissue Amara Touré & Orchestre Massako's highly celebrated Accompagné Par l'Orchestre Massako LP, finding Touré and his band stretching out their influential sound, a more soulful and daring version of the mounting genre of Afro-Cuban jazz. Packaged with a comprehensive booklet and stunning artwork, 1973-1980 is a fitting, touching and extensive tribute to one of Africa's greatest musicians. (Analog Africa)
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