Alvvays, Best of 2014, Ani DiFranco and Andy Stott Fill Exclaim!'s December/January Year-End Issue

Alvvays, Best of 2014, Ani DiFranco and Andy Stott Fill Exclaim!'s December/January Year-End Issue
With 2014 drawing to a close, it's time to celebrate another year of music. All sorts of year-end reflections and celebration can be found in the December/January issue of Exclaim!, which is out now all across the country. Flip through the pages to uncover a wealth of enticing music reading, including reviews, interviews, and other features about what your favourite artists accomplished this past year.

Toronto indie rock outfit Alvvays appear on our cover this month. Riding several months of critical acclaim, our feature explores the formation and evolution of the band's lineup, their first steps into Toronto's music scene and the wave of momentum they rode to becoming one of 2014's biggest success stories.

On the cusp of 2015, our year-end issue is full of analysis of the past year in music 2014. Some of our print features — top 10 underrated releases, four signs that '94 hip-hop is back, and five reasons Owen Pallett had a phenomenal 2014 — are online now. Further explorations of some of the year's biggest trends will soon be online, but are available in our print issue now: an article examining the highs and lows of DJ Mustard, one covering the revival of disco, metal's spectrum from the crushing to the comedic, and much more.

Our Questionnaire this month is with Ani DiFranco, who founded her own independent record label at the age of 18, and has since become an icon for many through her personal politics. Read about her current literary fixations and playing Pete Seeger's 90th birthday party in this month's issue. Meanwhile, our Music School feature explores The Post Office, a former World War II munitions factory-turned-recording studio in Toronto. Canadian hip-hop veteran Saukrates details how the facility has allowed him to arrive at a headspace in which recording and creating is immensely enjoyable once more.

Of course, the new issue is packed with interviews from buzzed-about artists. Andy Stott describes switching from recording with software to using analog instruments, while Norwegian duo Röyksopp talk about their decision to bid farewell to the traditional album format. Ariel Pink discusses writing lyrics for his latest record, pom pom, while Brooklyn outfit TV on the Radio speak on handling the passing of bass player Gerard Smith. We also spoke with Toronto quartet Meligrove Band about taking an experimental approach to recording their fifth studio record, and PRhyme about Eminem's love of both their sound and streetwear.

Make sure to keep an eye on the site for web-exclusive interviews with artists like rapper Logic, electronic whiz Clark, Giller Prize winner Sean Michaels and many more.

These and other conversations will hit the web in the weeks to come, but to read it all now, locate a street box or head to your local coffee shop, favourite record store or concert venue to get your hands on Exclaim!'s December/January issue now.