Alpha Omega "S.I.N.S." (video)

Alpha Omega "S.I.N.S." (video)
Swollen Members' Prevail and Battle Axe Warrior's Neph teamed up as Alpha Omega to follow up The Concept EP with The Strain earlier this year. Now, "S.I.N.S." from that record has been treated to a fresh music video, and Exclaim! has the premiere.
The video takes its inspiration from horror classics in the vein of Alfred Hitchcock's work, bringing plenty of suspense to the screen. The black-and-white clip finds the rap duo partaking in a masquerade party, where the bottle-popping fun quickly takes a dark turn.

Here's what Prevail had to say about the video:

The newest Alpha Omega video "S.I.N.S." directed by Starving Marvel features a cast of amazing actors from Vancouver. It made a huge difference working with professionals dedicated to their craft, not only for the vibe but also for the end product.

I want to thank Rossana Azul, Michael Blaize, Shae Bourne, Jamie M Callica, Stephanie Halcro, Tracylynn Olsen and make up artist Annie Truong from AX Art for helping create my favourite Alpha Omega video to date!

Check out the mysterious visuals in the player below.