Alluring Eve Random Acts

Industrial dance beats and samples are featured as heavily as guitars in this Chicago duo’s debut EP. The rock and electronic sounds are both at home here making for stompin’ good dance tracks along the same vein as Thrill Kill Kult. An Geneva provides rich, spooky vocals, but it’s a treat to hear a powerful voice that doesn’t need to be run through every effect. Gothic solo project Emeralde Fear kick-started her, and since having toured with industrial visionary Meg Lee Chin as vocalist/keys, Geneva has had her share of practice and experience, and you can tell. The other half of the duo is guitarist Devin, who also has honed his skills with Chicago-based act Vampyre, and together these two share the programming duties. Only four songs make this up (with one hidden track — a remix by Electric Hellfire Club’s Greg Miner — in the last half of track four) but thankfully they’re working on a full-length. There is a lot of potential here. (Independent)