Allout Helter "Maximum Helter" (video)

Allout Helter "Maximum Helter" (video)
Denver thrashers Allout Helter are set to release a new album come the end of this month, and before The Notion of Control officially arrives, they've shared a new video for charged-up album cut "Maximum Helter."

The clip splices performance footage together with shots of the American public protesting police violence and brutality, with the band railing against the issue with a forceful "fuck racist police." Vocalist Ross Hostage explained the song's genesis to Exclaim! as follows:

Of course I have a connection to all my lyrics, but this song is extremely personal to me. I wrote the words for "Maximum Helter" after I was falsely and viciously arrested in Denver during a Black Lives Matter march following the murder of Freddie Gray by Baltimore police. I wanted to reflect my experience of being brutalized by DPD for simply demanding that they stop killing/assaulting/harassing black people, all while amplifying the pleas for justice that POC have been shouting this whole time. 

When I heard the sheer viciousness in the music that [guitarist/vocalist Fred Bear] wrote, I knew this song would be the perfect vehicle for expressing my disgust and outrage at police in this country. [Guitarist/vocalist Ryan Tate] then did a fantastic job of filming/editing the video and highlighting the intensity of the lyrics and the song.

The Notion of Control arrives October 27 through Bird Attack Records and is available for pre-order here.