Allo Darlin'

We Come From The Same Place

Allo Darlin'We Come From The Same Place
Ever since Anglo-Australian band Allo Darlin' started putting out music in 2010, they've been cast under the umbrella of indie-pop. Sure, there are the characteristically saccharine elements — most notably an emphasis on the ukulele on earlier releases — but that was never the selling factor of Allo Darlin'. Fans came for songwriter Elizabeth Morris and her profound lyrics.

This is the nucleus of Allo Darlin's newest album, We Come From The Same Place. The songs rollercoaster between major and minor keys, acting as a mood-setter for Morris' words which are often complimented by brilliant riffs and bass lines from Paul Rains, Bill Botting and Michael Collins.

Morris' anecdotal vignettes are subtle, as if she's practically sitting next to you and telling you these stories over coffee. The warmth of her delivery draws you in to her hyper-detailed lyrics, but the true hooks run even deeper. Each song is buried with hidden gems in the form of the simplest, most effecting couplet or statement, casually tossed out there carrying universal wisdom. Just when you feel like you've objectively gotten everything you wanted from Morris' stories, she tosses out a line like "I wanted to impress you/ And I think you knew" ("Kings and Queens") or "I'm just tired of being strong" ("Romance and Adventure") and it reels you in even closer than you'd expect. We Come From The Same Place is a lyrical wonderland that keeps listeners exploring more with each listen. Indie-pop or not, it's infectious on many levels. (Slumberland)
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