Alien Autopsy Seven-Inch

Unlike the alien on the front covers of Relapse Records’ Slimewave series, vinyl’s not dead yet and neither are fun ideas for releases. The Pennsylvania-based metal label is releasing six limited-edition split seven-inch records, each featuring two underground extreme metal bands. Many of the groups are firmly entrenched in the grimy gore-grind sub-genre, which complements the covers well — all six fit together to create one big picture of a gory alien autopsy. Hilariously grotesque, the art suits the tunes nicely; bands like Total Fucking Destruction, Rot and Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition leave a lasting impression with their brief attacks of lo-fi noise. As for the alien, judging by the look on his face, he’s not too pleased to have the Cripple Bastards as the soundtrack to his final moments.