Alice Russell / Various Pot of Gold Remixes

Growing up in England, Alice Russell had enormous respect and love for the sounds of Detroit soul and gospel. As a girl, she'd make radio mixtapes with the songs of Stevie Wonder and Aretha Franklin while she played Lego. Growing up around classical music (her father and sisters were classically trained), Alice strayed, finding herself drawn naturally to more groove-oriented sounds. Pot Of Gold Remixes showcases heavy, soulful music anchored by bass, horns and butterfly-like flutes, among other elements. These eight brilliant songs, from 2008's Pot of Gold LP, are remixed and revamped by skilled performers like DJ Vadim, Mr. Scruff and J-Boogie. Elements unique to each remixing artist are evident from track to track, giving a powerful individuality to each song. Alice Russell sings from the gut, her voice demonstrating power and integrity in her lyrics, as on "All Alone," remixed by Mocean Worker, Captain Planet and DJ Day, with Clutchy Hopkins. "Look the city streets are burning. Everyone of us looks on." (Six Degrees)