Alice Cooper, Moby, Rollins, Iggy To Star in Vampire Flick Suck

Alice Cooper, Moby, Rollins, Iggy To Star in Vampire Flick <i>Suck</i>
A pile of aging rockers are set to star in an upcoming horror flick described as a "vampire rock'n'roll musical-comedy road movie." Iggy Pop, Alice Cooper and Henry Rollins are all on deck for Suck, the new feature-length film by Canuck writer/director/actor Rob Stefaniuk (Phil the Alien).

In the bloody tale of vampires and the music biz, Cooper will play an "uber vampire," Rolling Stone reports, and Pop is set to portray a record company exec, along with Rollins taking the role of a Howard Stern-type shock jock. Also involved with the film are Canada's punk yesteryear darling Carole Pope, Rush's Alex Lifeson, Dimitri Coats of Burning Brides and egghead knob-twiddler Moby, who plays Beef Bellow, the front-man of a fictional group dubbed the Secretaries of Steak.

In an interview with Rolling Stone about Suck, Moby said: "I'm making a specialty of playing douche bags. I could spend the rest of my career perfecting the douche bag. It's the journey not the destination."

Moby added: "I only have 45 words. But they are 45 important words. Then I get eaten."

Suck, which has recently been filming in Toronto, is set for fall 2009 release. No word yet if it will live up to its name.

Moby "Disco Lies"