Alice Cooper Live At Montreaux 2005

The Alice Cooper legacy has always been fraught not with bad ideas so much as a horrific adoration for kitsch and schlock. One can’t defame the Coop for a shitty output as much as for cool ideas delivered in a manner John Waters would roll his eyes at. Such is the case with this latest entire live concert. On a cinematographic level, its multi cameras, crisp colour and sound are stellar, in keeping with everything from The Nightmare Returns to Brutal Planet Live. Sadly though, even a shit-hot young band can’t save this show from plodding. A solid infusion of live rarities including "Department Of Youth,” "Killer” and "Wish I Were Born In Beverly Hills” are a treat for fanatics but unfortunately come offset by newer and decidedly weaker material such as "Woman Of Mass Distraction,” "Dirty Diamonds” and "Between High School & Old School.” It’s almost as if Cooper intends to punish us for knowing that we’ll be salivating for the rarities. Then again, this isn’t a "best of” tour so he reserves the right to span his entire catalogue. Couple that with almost no theatrics (the whole reason anyone goes to see Cooper) besides the obligatory hanging and "Ballad Of Dwight Fry” straightjacket and that this is what, his fifth live video — without one single bonus, which an accompanying CD of the same songs does not make — and the result is more leave it than take it. (Eagle Rock,