Alexkid Mint

This album is best described as nu-jazz tech house music. It is Alexkid’s sophomore effort following the release of Bienvenida. Mint features the vocal styling of Hanifah Walidah, Lissette Alea, John Hassell and Ian James Whitelaw. Mint is funky, sexy, lyrically strong, yet masterfully engineered, utilising the traditional sounds of guitars, bass and keyboards. Everything combines together wonderfully to give us a very pleasing listening experience. Alexkid is a DJ, producer, remixer and sound engineer so it is no surprise that a person of his talent is able to release an album like Mint with a sound that is so unbelievably tight. Simply put, Alexkid understands music. Despite the fact that this album has a very short playing time, more of an EP, it serves its purpose. That is, to bring an eclectic, global electronic house sound matched perfectly to sultry vocals and technically strong producing to the people who want to hear it. (F Communications)