Alexisonfire Prep iTunes Originals Release

Alexisonfire Prep <i>iTunes Originals</i> Release
Fans of Canuck post-hardcore champs Alexisonfire expected the group's next release to be the Dog's Blood EP, which they have been talking about for the past few months. While a recent tweet confirms that the Ontario five-piece are still currently hard at work on the EP, fans can expect another new release even sooner: on September 28, Alexisonfire will unveil their instalment in the iTunes Originals series.

The band recorded the session back in spring 2010, when they performed six songs live in the studio. These live tracks will appear alongside album cuts and interview clips.

The entire session will cost $9.99, while individual tracks are $0.99. The interview segments are only available if you buy the whole thing. According to a press release, these spoken clips will feature "band members reflecting on their career and revealing the inspirations behind their songs"

As for Dog's Blood, the band tweeted on August 17 that they were in the studio and that all of the drums and bass were finished.

iTunes Originals:

1. "The Northern"
2. "You Burn First" (live in studio)
3. "Heading for the Sun"
4. "Boiled Frogs" (live in studio)
5. "Midnight Regulations"
6. "Waterwings" (live in studio)
7. "Young Cardinals"
8. "This Could Be Anywhere in the World" (live in studio)
9. "Accept Crime"
10. "Born and Raised"
11. "No Transitory" (live in studio)
12. "Happiness by the Kilowatt" (live in studio)