Alex Turner and Miles Kane Writing 'X-Men'-Style Film Script

Alex Turner and Miles Kane Writing 'X-Men'-Style Film Script
We've got intriguing news for fans of Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner and his side-project the Last Shadow Puppets. The British songwriter and collaborator Miles Kane are working together again, but this time they're setting their sights on a film script rather than music.

Kane told Digital Spy that, while the two have talked about making more music together, they're currently prioritizing writing a film. "It's going to have a sort of X-Men kind of vibe and sort of set in the '60s, but I can't give anymore away than that," he said.

Although they're writing the script, don't expect Turner and Kane to star in the resulting flick. "We're not planning to be [in the film] but we may have a little cameo," Kane said.

The Last Shadow Puppets have released just one album. The Age of the Understatement came out in 2008.

Meanwhile, Arctic Monkeys have spent 2014 on the road, and they have a busy summer ahead, so don't expect Turner's co-penned script to arrive too soon. See their live schedule here.