Alex Niggemann Paranoid Funk

Alex NiggemannParanoid Funk
Since 2008, Alex Niggemann has been on a bit of a tear. Whether flying solo or with trusted studio partner Marc Poppcke, there's been no shortage of releases getting his peak-time treatment. Niggemann's reputable discography spans imprints like 8Bit, Supernature, Dark Room Dubs, Time Has Changed and, more recently, Tsuba and Steve Bug's Poker Flat Recordings. With a release landing every couple of months, you'd wonder if the Berlin native was planning anything special for his first full-length. It appears there's more to this 26-year-old producer than meets the ear. Paranoid Funk digs deep into Niggemann's influences, being a modest, old-school meets nu-school house affair. Far from a selection of floor-bangers, Alex serves most of it chilled on the rocks, featuring soulful guest vocals and plenty of retro sex appeal. This is one record you'll throw on and enjoy at about any time of the day. (Poker Flat)